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Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Sports: Websites

This guide covers health, physical education and sport resources available at the VSU Library, including full-text periodicals, websites, and printed sources in the reference collection.

Physical Education

Classroom Teacher Integrated Lesson Plans with PE. The Classroom Teacher/Integrated lesson idea area has been designed to meet the needs of classroom teachers that desire to use physical activity to teach academic content. The content can be taught in the classroom or outside in an outdoor play area. Although this section is written for classroom teachers it is also appropriate for physical education teachers who wish to teach integrated content as well.

Education World. You will find the best education links and original content the Net has to offer.

Physical Education Central. This is a website for physical education teachers, students, interested parents, and adults. Designed and maintained by Virginia Tech's Health and Physical Education Program, it provides the latest information about contemporary physical education programs for children and youth. Included are activities, lesson ideas, assessment ideas, professional information, websites, guides, and a listserv.

Health and Fitness

President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition. The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (PCPFS) serves as a catalyst to promote, encourage and motivate Americans of all ages to become physically active and participate in sports.

Therapeutic Recreation Directory.  The site includes information ranging from an e-mail directory of professionals, a job resources center, 22 bulletin boards on various topics, and a number of directories.


Gender Equity in Sport. This site is designed as a resource for individuals investigating the state of affairs in interscholastic or intercollegiate sports. The content and data are based on a three-year project maintained at The University of Iowa. This is an excellent site, well arranged, and includes a large table of contents, with indexes.

Sport Management Information Centre. This site offers some general information, association listings, website links, graduate programs in the field, conference announcements, newsletters, conference abstracts, and listservs. It is a great resource for a student or faculty member in this field.


Sportscience. This site is a professional-level electronic resource for sports researchers. Original articles, proceedings, discussion lists, internet resources, and a forthcoming journal are all features of this site.


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