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Sociology: Websites

This guide will provide information related to the field of sociology.

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Interesting Websites

  • Allyn & Bacon Sociology Links.  Presents a directory of links in such subject areas as politics, religion, urbanization and deviance.   Includes sites on race, ethnicity and inequality.
  • Data Resources for Sociologists. Produced by the American Sociological Association, Data Resources for Sociologists gives information first offered at the Data Resources Poster Session held at the 1996 Annual Meeting of the Association.  It is a very useful selection of publicly available data sets for primary and secondary analysis.The sources provide statistical information on a number of topics of interest to the sociologist, particularly on demography, employment, education and health.
  • Princeton University Survey Research CenterThe intent of this website is to provide everything useful on the web for the practice of survey research.  Provides survey methods applied to the study of social issuses, consumer research, and policy analysis.
  • Social Science Data Resources.  Excellent site for useful research tools needed to conduct sociological research.  Provides good descriptive information about each tool.

  • Social Science Hub. This database provides links to social-science organizations, databases, search tools, publications and forums.
  • Social Science Information Gateway: Sociology. The Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) aims to provide a trusted source of selected, high quality Internet information for researchers and practitioners in the social sciences.
  • The SocioWeb. The SocioWeb is an independent guide to the Sociological resources available on the Internet and is founded in the belief that the Internet can help to unite the sociological community in ways never before possible.  The site is divided into twelve sections, including "Journals & Zines," "Surveys and Statistics," "Topical Research," etc.

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