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Voting and Elections

A nonpartisan guide to voting and elections in the U.S. The guide will be regularly updated.

Election Day 2020

Biden & Harris Win Election (AP News)

2020 Candidates









Democratic Party                                                                                                 Republican Party

Presidential Candidate: Joe Biden                                                                                                   Presidential Candidate:  Donald Trump                 
VP Candidate: Kamala Harris                                                                                                         VP Candidate: Mike Pence

Green Party                                                                         Libertarian Party





Green Party                                                                                                        Libertarian Party

Presidential Candidate:  Howie Hawkins                                                                                     Presidential Candidate: Jo Jorgensen

VP Candidate:  Angela Walker                                                                                                     VP Candidate: Jeremy "Spike" Cohen

Kanye West for President


Photo by Kanye West.


Presidential Candidate: Kanye West

VP Candidate: Michelle Tidball


2021 Congressional Elections

U.S. Senate

Special Elections (2021)

U.S. House of Representatives

Special Elections (2021)