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BIOL446 Investigations and Research: Library Research Online Tutorials

Information Literacy for Students

Library Research Online Tutorials

Choosing  a Topic - This interactive tutorial breaks down the research project into a step-by-step process from narrowing down a topic to crafting a topic sentence.

Narrowing A Paper Topic -  Just assigned a research paper, but don't know where to start? Watch this video for tips on how to narrow your topic and create a thesis statement.

Starting Your Research at VSU -  Watch this video to learn how to start your research at VSU.

Selecting Information* (Running time 5:05) - This video will help students to identify their information needs and find the appropriate types of resources for their research. Students will be able to distinguish the difference between scholarly sources and access these sources using the Library of Congress Classification System.

Where Will I Find What I Need? Comparing Scholarly, Trade, and Popular Periodicals -    Trade Magazines, Scholarly Journals and Popular Magazines are three common periodicals that you may come across in your academic studies. You may be wondering which is which, especially if your professor has limited or banned references to popular magazines. Watch this video to learn more about the similarities and differences between these sources.

Primary Sources - What's the difference between primary and secondary sources and which should you use for your research paper? Find the answer to that question in this tutorial.

Evaluating Sources - This tutorial will enable students to ask objective questions to evaluate the reliability of a source, identify bias within a source, and recognize the importance of using reliable sources.

Citation Needed: What Is Bias? (Running time 2:00) - This video tells the tale of Stu Dent versus his super villain, arch nemesis Bias.Can Stu ask the tough objective questions about his sources and defeat Bias? Watch to find out!

The Importance of Citation* (Time estimate 4 minutes) - This tutorial covers the importance of citation, the types and consequences of plagiarism, and strategies to avoid plagiarism.

Avoiding Plagiarism - This tutorial explains how citing sources and taking notes can help students avoid plagiarizing.

Anatomy of a Research Paper* (Running time 2:23) - This video prepares students for research writing by identifying the structure of a research paper from the introduction all the way to citations.

Writing Help (Running time 3:52) - This video explores the importance of writing skills, where to get writing help, important writing concepts to master, and ways to keep improving skills.