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ENGL111-Composition: Beginning the Research Process

To Begin....

  1. Develop a search strategy by identifying the important concepts of your research. Determine if there are synonyms, related terms, of your research topic.

  2. Conduct background research using subject or specialized encyclopedias to learn more about your topic or research. Tnis will acquaint you with terms or words used by scholars or researchers. Subject or specialized encyclopedias provide basic information and sometimes articles written by recognized scholars along with bibliographies on the topic.

  3. Search library catalog to find books on the topic and then select appropriate library subscription databases to scholarly journal articles relevant to your research.

  4. Cite library research materials (books, journals, etc.) in the style format recommended by your professor to compile your bibliography.

  5. Keep track of the library materials and databases you have used for your research in case you need to use the sources to locate additional information.

  6. Contact or visit the Library Reference Desk if you have difficulty in finding research information.