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SOWK 340 - Social Welfare Policy and Services: Policy Issues

Current Issues Resources

CQ Researcher  - Presents full-text articles on current social, political, economic, and international issues. 

Public Agenda Online - Contains short, fact-based reports on public opinion and public policy issues. Compiled by Public Agenda, a non-profit research organization. Provides regular coverage of 19 topics: abortion, alcohol abuse, America's global role, crime, the economy, education, the environment, the family, the Federal budget, gambling, health care, illegal drugs, immigration, internet speech/privacy, Medicare, race, right to die, Social Security, and welfare. Emphasis on current news and short-term trends. Based primarily on the results of surveys sponsored by other organizations, but occasionally includes original survey results as well.

Social Work Policy Institute - examines issues that relate to the work of social workers, including how to serve people who have multiple or complex needs and how public agencies and other structures deliver health and human services.